For close to 50 years, Micklefield Judo Club has been a well renowned name in the Judo world, and brings together a mixture of minor, pre cadet, cadet, junior, senior and master levels of fighters.   A wide range of ages from 6 to 60, varying abilities and skills, gender and ethnic backgrounds are championed at the dojo which is run as a Local Interest Club.

With various packages at the club, the grass roots clubs tries its best to cater for individuals, siblings and families at an affordable rate.

We raise funds for our players to support their journey with judo, in either purchasing kits, paying for competitions and giving people the best opportunity to be part of the sport especially at a period of time when the cost-of-living is so high.

Covid and lockdowns rocked us all.  At first a time to reflect but as the sands of time slipped away we all felt the damage.  Schools, workplaces, sports clubs and community groups fell silent and for many their support networks ceased.

Micklefield Judo Club felt it too.  Not just as a sports club but as a close community of people from all manner of demographics.  What is a Local Interest Club?  It means we’re not a business.  The highly skilled and internationally decorated trainers give of their time and their experience for free, for the love of the club, the thrill of the sport and the wellbeing and training of all those that attend.

It means newcomers are welcomed as new friends and invested in.  No trainer pay involved.

Local Interest Clubs whilst not being a business still face large overheads and as the doors of the dojo have opened again, Micklefield Judo Club has grown in size considerably.

We are not too proud to ask for your financial help, whatever the size,, to continue investing in the sport and community we love.  From multiple award winning young people at the highest levels to investment in new starting adults and young people, it all costs money.

Please consider donating today and stand alongside us as part of our sport and community.

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Any amount you donate would support the club and the players and would be very much appreciated.  To give you an idea of how your money would support Micklefield Judo Club, please see below:

£50 Donation

Donate £50 and have your name listed on our website as a supporter

£XXX Donation

Donate XXXX and help support one of our players for a new kit

£500-£1000 Donation

Donate £500-£1000 (or more) and have your company listed on our website with a live link as a sponsor