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july 2023

Ron Cleere Blog

Ron is quite simply a lifetime member of Micklefield Judo Club!  When Ron was asked, why Micklefield? his response was…


Myself, John Oke, & Arthur Lovell would practice at the BJC club in High Wycombe. Athur and John asked if I would like to help them run the club in Micklefield, and so I did.  When we opened we must have had 100 players outside.  I was a yellow belt, John was orange and Arthur a green!”


We asked Ron if there was a Coach or Judoka that he looked up to as a role model and also to tell us more about his major highlights and achievements within the sport.


“There are several people I look up to.  They include (to name a couple), Robin Otani (Father Matsu Otani was the founder of the BJC) and John Taylor of Amersham Kodakwai.

For me, my proudest achievements in the sport have to be getting my Dan grade and honorary IJF refereeing award”


We wanted Ron to share his words of wisdom with us as a Coach…


“Other Coaches and Team mates would probably describe me as old school which covers discipline and etiquette.

To keep players and team mates positive during a loss, I would tell them, if I can do it, you can do it too!  Impossible you can do….miracles take a little longer!”


Final word from Ron….”I hope Micklefield Judo Club carry on as they have done for the last 50 years!”



January 2023

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